After a busy June and July bringing BON COURAGE to bookstores from Rutland, VT through Mystic, CT and on west to Madison, Old Greenwich and Greenwich, Bing and I were very busy telling our tale of discovery and rediscovery in a small southwestern French village in many venues. Wherever we spoke and signed books, people seemed genuinely pleased with our story. As a matter of fact the nationwide chain of ANTHROPOLOGIE ordered 1,400 copies of our book which put us into a second printing after only five or six weeks from official release!

    As August approached, we were fortunate enough to gain interview slots, initially on two radio stations, WXLM in New London, CT, with Ann Buonocore and WS Radio’s “Wine Radio” across the nation with Lynn Krielow Chamberlian. Then wonderful print coverage of BON COURAGE came from the Rutland Herald (VT), the Greenwich, CT Post, written by Maggie Caldwell and a huge front page spread with the Greenwich Citizen penned by Anne Semmes. All of which led to notice by Greater Boston Radio’s top talk show host, Michael Graham, who often appears on the Imus in the Morning show, both on radio and TV nationwide.

    In a preliminary discussion with Michael’s program director, I mentioned that I was setting off on a 4,500 mile roundtrip ride on my Triumph motorcycle down to New Mexico and the Imus Ranch to photo the plaque there dedicated to my late wife Bobbye, who passed away to leukemia. Since Senator John Kerry had once told Imus he was riding down to the ranch on his Harley, (but in fact only road from the ranch gate to the main house on his bike) what I was doing made a real-world counterpoint to the senator’s usual smoke and mirrors pronouncement. He was a sailor boy and is a Democrat while I was a Marine and a conservative. So Michael had me on his show last Friday, August 20, and I took a few shots at Mr. Kerry while Mr. Graham gave us some wonder PR time talking about the book.

    Much of my ride to and from the ranch was in 110+ degree heat. Unbelievable, but a great experience. Saw places along I-81/40 I found most intriguing, ie. “Frozen Head Park” not far from Knoxville, TN, but most mysterious of all, “Toad Suck State Park” just 30 miles west of Little Rock, ARK. Perhaps the senator or Mr. Imus has more information on these points of interest. Maybe I’ll get a chance to follow up with him on Imus in the Morning. Say a prayer. Smiles. More in a couple of days.